160 Rooting

Sensible blend of radish and ryegrass developed for maximizing root mass and capturing nutrients

• Best combination of species for breaking up hard pans and holding onto leftover nutrients
• Flexible mix to use in front of corn, soybeans, and many other cash crops
• SF 160 works well with fall manure applications; annual ryegrass is fairly tolerant to salt differences in manure
• Annual ryegrass justifies spring management planning in areas where it’s known to overwinter

Termination: Radish will terminate with multiple nights in the teens. If radish overwinter, glyphosate and 2,4-D provide effective control. For annual ryegrass termination, using glyphosate by itself or with other grass killers can be used, but several key management criteria need met to ensure success.

Considerations: Any time annual ryegrass is used, spring management has to be a main priority. Keep ryegrass from going to seed at all costs. Annual ryegrass not terminated can have adverse effects on any subsequent grass crops. The use of ryegrass blends have given ryegrass a bad reputation – make sure it is a single, respected variety. Multiple maturities make control even more complex.

Seeding Rate:

15-20 lbs/acre

20-25 lbs/acre for forage

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