165 Late Grazer

Seed in summer to tolerate warm temperatures while transitioning to a safe forage option into late fall.

• Soil First® 165 needs to be planted in the summer/late summer, taking advantage of warm season species in the mix
• Tolerates a wide range of conditions – poor soil, low pH, hot and extremely droughty environments
• Pearl millet differs from sorghum x sudangrass – no threat of prussic acid poisoning
• Formulated to maximize biomass growth when planted early and still provide safe forage well into fall

Termination: Any frost will terminate pearl millet and sunn hemp. Small sunn hemp (less than 3-4’) can be effectively controlled with light rates of glyphosate. Taller plants require higher rates and equipment to allow for proper coverage. Radish will terminate with multiple nights in the teens. If radish overwinter, glyphosate and 2,4-D provide effective control.

Considerations: Sunn hemp will flower when temperatures allow across the country, but will only produce seed in the deep south (below 28 degree north latitude – think Orlando, FL and Corpus Christi, TX). Sunn hemp is known to contain toxic alkaloids harmful to grazing animals, present in the seeds only. Sunn hemp may not be ideal in 100% of no-till systems as any leftover residue can be tough to plant through the following spring. To maximize forage production, nitrogen applications are recommended. However, those same fertility supplements can pose an increased threat of elevated nitrates in pearl millet after plants are stressed.

Seeding Rate:

20-25 lbs/acre


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