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The Dirt on Soil First®!

After 70 years in the seed business you can depend on Soil First® to help you make the best cover crop decisions. Combined with solid advice on what to plant, and how to manage it from start to finish, you can count on us to help reach your goals. We believe integrating soil conservation practices like cover crops takes planning, commitment and dedication, and we take pride in working with dealers to deliver the cover crop message to the field.

To find a local Soil First dealer or to become a dealer, or to get cover crop tips, complete the form on this page. We invite you to think “SOIL FIRST” when making your cover crop planting decisions.

Brands YOU can Trust

Soil First premium cover crop seed is not only a product line, it’s a total approach to managing soil health. Our products were designed to meet the needs of producers looking to increase productivity by preserving and bettering the soil. The team at La Crosse Seed has carefully researched and selected a family of cover crop products that are dependable at getting the job done. From product to management advice, you can count on us to help you reach your goals.

There is a lot of rhetoric in the market about cover crops. We know cover crops are not easy and they are a major management decision. We invite you to think “Soil First” when making these decisions.

About La Crosse Seed

Since 1947, La Crosse Seed has been reliably supplying its customers and their producers with quality seed, expert advice and prompt service. Our mission is simple, to be your preferred seed partner. We know you have options and it’s our job to prove to you that doing business with La Crosse Seed and working with our premium seed products is your best choice. The team at La Crosse Seed has carefully researched and selected a family of products that we believe link sound agronomics to practical solutions. Combining solid advice on what to plant and how to manage it, from establishment to removal strategies and more, you can count on the Soil First family to help you reach your soil health goals. For more information on La Crosse Seed, visit www.lacrosseseed.com.