Fria Annual Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass is a quick growing, cool season annual grass. Annual ryegrass has come under scrutiny recently as a cover crop, however the species still provides benefits much needed across the Midwest: nutrient sequestration, erosion control and compaction alleviation. It also adds biomass and organic matter while improving soil structure. With proper management in areas where it overwinters, annual ryegrass should be considered as a viable option – both for cover cropping and/or forage established quickly – excellent at controlling erosion and suppressing weed development.

Fria Annual Ryegrass has long been offered by La Crosse Seed as a formidable ryegrass option for the Midwest, both for cover cropping and late season forage. Fria was developed at the University of Florida for cold tolerance, improved crown rust resistance and resistance to gray leaf spot. Fria is a late maturing diploid variety. Research from 2013 at Ohio State University showed Fria #1 in combination of winter-tolerance and fall biomass production.

  • Fria is a ‘diploid’ annual ryegrass – meaning greater tolerance to grazing and typically greater carbohydrate storage for improved cold tolerance
  • Quick producer of high levels of biomass
  • Later maturity – more flexibility in spring for management and termination