Secure Sourced & Supplied Seed Process

Secure Sourced & Supplied Seed Process

The small seed industry continues to field frequent questions regarding seed quality and cleanliness. The current momentum behind cover crops has opened doors for new outlets and non-conventional channels for seed to find its way to growers. While many of these new avenues involve small grains, other species aren’t clear of potential seed quality concerns.

As an American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) member, La Crosse Seed understands the importance of, and advocates for, clean, quality seed that is sourced and supplied deliberately and consistently.

Below are a graphic and video to underscore all the practices and checkpoints we verify to make certain our products meet the quality standards both you and we require.

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One example serving as a testament to this process is our Quality Assured Guardian™ Fall Rye  the cleanest, purest cereal rye for cover cropping, higher than industry standards. For questions on our Secure Sourced & Supplied Seed Process, please contact us.