Webinar Recap: Herbicide Rotational Restrictions with Cover Crops

We recently had the opportunity to lead a webinar with No-Till Farmer magazine on Herbicide Rotational Restrictions with Cover Crops. As a sponsor of the magazine, we’ve earned the chance to lead webinars the last couple years. Although we submitted several important topics to highlight in an industry presentation, the No-Till folks thought the idea of digging in more on herbicide interactions was a venture they couldn’t pass up.

The hour presentation gave our Eastern Cover Crop Lead, Scott Wohltman, time to talk about herbicides that typically cause more issues with planting cover crops. It also presented an opportunity to hit on how the different herbicide classes normally give us in the industry a “heads up” on likely issues following specific pesticide applications.

Replay Webinar Now
To view the webinar, click the button above or visit http://bit.ly/2sY1sdb

Over the years, we’ve learned a ton from industry experts like Mike Plumer, Dan Towery and numerous others from extension and land grant universities. Scott was able to reference many of those individuals during the webinar. Their work on top of all the feedback we hear from our customers and partners across the Midwest gave us the foundation for sharing the information our team uses in the field.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or disagreements with anything presented, please let us know by emailing info@laxseed.com. We would love to hear your feedback – the more we learn the better.


Concerns About Residual Herbicide?
One method to address this is to do a bioassay. If you are unclear whether or not a cover crop will germinate, this is a great way to test establishment. We now have Herbicide Carryover Bioassay Kits available for Soil First customers. To request kits, contact us.